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So today I found out that my best friend’s mum’s boyfriend raped her 3 years ago, when she was 11, bedridden with Sunstroke. She hasn’t told anyone since because she believes it was her fault, and that, because it was so long ago, “Nobody cares anymore.” I bet her that if this gets to 100,000 notes, then 100,000 people care and so she must tell someone when we get there. She agreed.




So I would just like to take this moment to say that firemen are fucking superheroes. They are regular people who go into burning buildings and save every life they can. Even animals. It’s the best.

These are all wonderful, but picture #3 is my favourite.

When my house burned down, I was afraid the firefighters would be like “We got better things to do than find your cats, lady,” but they totally did go out of their way to find them, and brought them out in little cat sized oxygen masks wrapped in towels. They said most of them have pets, and they know how important it is. Pic #6 might be the cutest picture ever.

(Source: smokedtea)

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